For anyone who loves games, a backlog is inevitable, and the goal of our website is to help gamers manage those collections so that they eventually get to the games they want to play. We provide a tool for organizing but also a community that will help you get a lot more out of this process.

Need a Way to Plan Your Backlog?

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the sheer size of your backlog? We know the feeling, and our mission is to help eliminate it by providing a structured approach to overcoming it. Prioritize your backlog, and make choices based on how much time you have available. If you ever need advice, then the community is here for you.

Create Your Backlog

The first step is creating your backlog. If you own digital games on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation, we can automate the process for you. Physical games do require some manual entry, but we even work to make that as easy as possible with a sophisticated database. Most of the time, our system will find the game you want to add with just a few keystrokes, and that can make a big difference with a big library.

Take Advantage of Built-In Tools

We offer a number of built-in tools that can make backlog planning a bit easier. You can flag games you want to prioritize, but for games you have no strong feelings about, you can sort them based on their Metacritic scores, average time of completion, achievement difficulty and so forth. These tools are a big help when you just don’t know what to play.

Finish Games Faster

Perhaps the ideal is to complete games at your leisure, but anyone who’s dealt with a backlog knows that you won’t make headway with that approach. You have to make hard choices. Sometimes you have to finish a game as fast as possible, and our community is here to help. Our message boards are a great start, but we also have video guides, walkthroughs, wikis and more. If you have any special knowledge, we welcome you to add to the information we have available as well.

Plan Your Purchases

At, you also have access to a deep release calendar. Subscribe to games so that you can be notified about pre-order deadlines and release dates. Integrate our calendar with yours in order to plan your backlog efforts around those new releases. If you want a game but don’t necessarily need to buy it right now, we’ll use your subscription to alert you to digital and physical sales.

Be Part of a Winning Team

A big part of our success here at is a sense of a community. We’re one big team, and we want you to be part of it too. Perhaps the easiest way to do that is to join us on the message boards. Discuss your favorite games or the game you’re playing right now. We also welcome you to join us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.